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Paleo lifestyle is not a trend - it"s a conclusion!


Over millions of years, we humans have evolved into what we are today. Our genes will be essentially the same many thousands of years from now, as those of our prehistoric ancestors. At least 99% of our genetic inheritance is believed to be consistent with that of Homo erectus. Biologically and genetically we are still are Stone Age people! Some of you may already know abaout the Paleo Lifestyle which describes a lifestyle based on this theory.


According to this philosophy, we should stick to food that we are genetically optimized for (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, honey, etc.) and dispense with food that came up in the last 10,000 years (milk, grain, bread, etc.) as humanity settled down, and as more food for more people was needed. Of course, our biological "engine" runs even with modern food, but less effectively and not without considerable side effects. Even today, this is believed to be the reason why a significant proportion of Asian populations do not tolerate cow"s milk.



The PaleoBarferoots® are a logical consequence of this philosophy!

Our feet are the result of evolution too. The feet have, compressed in a very small space, many bones, ligaments, cartilage and tendons. In addition, many major body nerves end in our soles, waiting to receiving stimuli such as heat, cold, moisture, etc., and relay this information back into the body. The  biomechanics and sensory network of our feet are designed to cushion and balance, reacting in response to different natural surfaces, soils and conditions. Shoes and flat, hard surfaces interfere with this ability.