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Do you work with sharp items or dangerous machines?
Do you take part in knight"s tournaments?

Then you need work gloves, aprons, boleros, hoods or other clothing parts made of ring mesh to protect against injuries. We not only produce these products but also offer a repair service for stab und cut-protection items of all manufacturers.


As one of the leading manufacturer of metal ring mesh we are the right contact person for your safety issues.


Curious? Then take a look at our product pages and request specific information with our information form.


Repair service ERGOSAFE®

We have been repairing all sorts of metal ring mesh stab and cut-protection items for more than 25 years. We use only original replacement parts of individual manufacturers if possible as this is the only way to ensure repair according to existing standards.


We guarantee professional replacement of your stab-protection items. If your also want us to get your gloves or aprons into shape again, then send your items to our address carriage free. The stab-protection items to be repaired must be cleaned and free of meat and fat remnants.


We will repair and return your goods within 5 business days.


Just put us to the test.


We guarantee fast and trouble-free handling of your repairs at a very good price. Which makes creating a quote too time consuming and costly. Repairs are categorised in 6 sizes which allows precise calculation of the expenditure.

Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer all your questions on the subject of repairs. Please refer to the contact page for contact options or use our e-mail form to get in touch.